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February 25, 2021- Slipshod (adjective): a : wearing loose shoes or slippers b : down at the heel : shabby 2 : careless, slovenly  More →
Poems, The Jaguar Renaissance


Why would you hurt me?

Why would you do this to me?

How can you turn your back on me?

How can you ruin a five-year friendship?

Why waste all this time just to hurt me?

Why would you backstab your best friend?

Why would you do this for no reason?

Why try and ruin my happiest relationship?

Why try and destroy me?

You are a backstabbing friend,

You went too far just to destroy me for being happy.

With me being happy it’s so-called toxic.

Why would you ruin a relationship you set up?

Why hurt my happiness claiming I am toxic,

When you are the one who is truly toxic.

Talking about me behind my back to my other friends,

This shows that you are the toxic one.

Why waste five years of our lives,

Just to be a backstabbing toxic best friend.