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College Bound

The definitive page for college bound students aiming to increase the chances of success at institutions of higher learning. Scholarship information, college visits, and other college related information is featured here.

Surviving Senior Year

May 31, 2018 5:44pm | Alexis Jefferson, Cynthia Ofoegbu

The 2017-2018 school year is coming to an end and the class of 2018 has officially closed a chapter of their lives. Now the spotlight is on the class of 2019 and we are moving into the unknown. So to make the transition into Senior year […]

Clarifying Confusion in the English Language: Part 1-Homophones

May 25, 2018 1:06pm | Alexis Jefferson

English is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, and even if it is your first language this can be true. There are so many rules that it begins to seem unnecessary and becomes frustrating. However, we need the ability to read […]

ASPIRE Internship

May 16, 2018 6:12pm | Tonea Epps

John Hopkins Hospital University Applied Physics laboratory has currently opened applications for the academic year session of the ASPIRE high school internship program through May 30th. The ASPIRE program takes on juniors and seniors that are at least 15 years of age. Juniors and seniors […]

10 Facts on The University of Maryland

May 16, 2018 2:47am | UMD

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, graduated from University of Maryland in 1993. He was a computer science major which is still a very popular major at this university to this day. The founder and CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, also graduated from UMD. […]

Dual Enrollment Update

May 10, 2018 5:10pm | Praise Oladoyin

If you have turned in your application for dual enrollment, pay attention! Students are now able to register and pay for the classes they put on the application. If you have free and reduced lunch, Prince Georges County pays for your dual credit class. But […]

AJF Scholarship & Achienvement Foundation

May 4, 2018 10:11pm | Danielle Barnes

The Armond J. Farrar (AJF) Scholarship & Achievement Foundation Inc. is providing financial support by awarding scholarships to college and career students, at all levels that have excelled both academically and within their community. Founded in 2016, the AJF Scholarship & Achievement Foundation Inc. wants to […]

Senior Sign-In Day

May 4, 2018 6:03pm | Kemi Ibrahim

On May 4, 2018,  the seniors of Charles Herbert Flowers high school had their 5th annual  Senior Sign-In Day. This day consists of every senior who is graduating, signing off to the college that they plan to attend for the 2018-2019 school year. Proud parents, […]

Study Tips and Methods To Help You Pass Your Classes and Exams

May 3, 2018 3:22am | Alexis Jefferson

To be successful at something you have to work at it. In regards to school, that means studying. Here are things you should do to study effectively: Focus – This is the most obvious and important thing to do when studying. If you’re not focused […]

Interesting Facts About The University of Alabama

May 1, 2018 5:37pm | Ibrahim Abass

The legend, Paul Bear Bryant, said he’d “croak in a week” if he were to stop coaching. Sure enough, he passed away only 27 days after his final game. The nickname “Crimson Tide” was made popular by Zipp Newman following an Alabama vs. Auburn game. […]

Prestigious PLTW Young Ladies

April 30, 2018 6:14pm | Anthony Robinson