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January 19, 2018 Word Of The Day is Accolade: An expression of praise or admiration. An award or privilege granted; an acknowledge of merit. Sentence: The social activist was given an accolade to recognize her efforts to fight for justice.


Learn a Language with Rosetta Stone

January 19, 2018 11:42pm | Samuel Odegbami

Do you want to want Language? If so use Rosetta Stone for free at the school’s library website at https://destiny.pgcps.org Instructions: Click on High for high schools Click on Charles Herbert Flowers High School Click on Rosetta Stone

Feature Article: Embarrassing Moments in the Classroom for Teachers and Students

January 19, 2018 11:39pm | Roseanne Akindo

Sometimes in a classroom there can be a few embarrassing moments. For a students some embarrassing moments can be being called on without raising their hand, not being able to comprehend like everyone else, and being the only one to raise their hand. Nowadays, being […]

What The Whole World Wants!

January 19, 2018 7:05pm | Jalia Williams

What the Whole World Wants Fabulousness will never end. It is uncommon. What the whole world wants is beauty. But the beauty you want has to come from within Beauty can come in many ways. Look around and you’ll see. Beauty takes time to grow, […]

Administration Wants Students in Class

January 19, 2018 6:46pm | Patricia Daniel

The real reason administration wants students in class is because they care about each individual, and want to see them graduate from Charles Herbert Flowers High School. They want the best for every student, and want them to stay in class and receive an education. […]


January 19, 2018 6:40pm | Nnadozie Okarazu

Artwork by Nnadozie Okarazu  


January 19, 2018 6:15pm | Rukayat Fakoya

Extra! Extra! Read all about it the CrunchyRoll Annual Anime Awards are coming soon! It has once again been another great year for anime meaning another year to see even better anime! The Crunchyroll anime awards are back at it again this year with a new […]

Do You Want to Learn a New Language?

January 19, 2018 5:10pm | Neima Belewa, Singrid Goff

Rosetta Stone is now available to all CHFHS students. Just visit: https://destiny.pgcps.org/ Once on the website, click on the tab that says “High”. From there, click on Charles Herbert Flowers High School. Select Rosetta Stone. When on the PGMLS page, put in PGCPS( student I.D) in […]

Stop the Violence!

January 19, 2018 4:42pm | Jalia Williams

The past few weeks at Flowers have been filled with loss and pain. Too many people have been killed and separated from their families due to gun violence. Help us make this school safe! Help us contact the school board, police, politicians, etc… about ongoing […]


January 19, 2018 3:39pm | Shaiyann Palmore

There comes a time when things aren’t  going to go your way There comes a time when there will  be things you can’t change You can’t let those things consume you Take them with a grain of salt Accept what is and don’t dwell on […]

Is AP and Honors Classes College and Career Ready?

January 19, 2018 3:24pm | Patricia Daniel

In an AP and Honors class, a student works harder than in an average class. The difference between Honors and AP classes versus regular classes is the rigorous work that is required to be college and career ready. Being college and career ready means doing college […]