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Inside the Classroom

Hydroponic Plant Growth

April 16, 2020 3:00pm | Jocelyn Cruz

This contraption that you see here is a hydroponic system. In basic terms it grows plants by only using water. Machines like these are very important when stores are barren with fruits or vegetable like many are now. They can be kept indoors or outdoors […]

My Flying Bird

March 26, 2020 5:05pm | H.C. and Jocelyn Cruz

High in the sky are dreams I can’t hide Dreams I desire with all my heart Sometimes things don’t go out as planned But then I ran to meet those dreams   Walls and walls all blocking my way Walls as tall as a tower […]

Who I Am?

March 26, 2020 5:04pm | C.C and Jocelyn Cruz

When you see me do you see me? Do you see the real me? Or just see what everybody else sees A teenager ready to explode like a volcano A teenager lost and doesn’t know what to believe, what to think or do Who am […]


March 11, 2020 2:16pm | Jocelyn Cruz

The show consisted of performances by Flower’s cheerleaders, band, koutour, and the dance at the black history assembly.

Black History Month Hallway

March 11, 2020 2:06pm | Jocelyn Cruz

In honor of Black History Month, the second floor hallway was decorated with pictures of important African Americans figures who aided in the civil rights movement.¬†Pictures of Flowers students lie at the end of the hallway who have plans for their future.  

Peer Forward

March 9, 2020 1:23pm | Jocelyn Cruz

Baja is a member of the non profit organization Peer Forward. She went to DuVal High School. ¬†Also, she was an english major and went to the University of Maryland. One of her passions is to paint oil paintings and even has a business on […]

Professor Whitworth telling us students to speak up for ourselves against different rules in the school

March 2, 2020 6:29pm | Jada Winder

Ms. Rachel Sherman telling us journalists about the real world and herself

March 2, 2020 6:28pm | Jada Winder

Captain Perry’s tour of the fire station

February 26, 2020 2:20am | Shyann Snyder

Captain Perry was giving Mr.Hooker’s third-period bday class a tour of the fire station and was explaining the different things that happen along with the things that are at the fire station. This fire station is one of the newer stations. St. Joesphs fire station […]

How To Prepare For A New Semester

February 12, 2020 2:02am | Virginia Bates

High School achievement is not easy to quantify. Success may look different for each student, but in general, the resources to achieve it are the same. Lay the foundation for the attitude and work habits that are required in the future now and you will not […]