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MSJ Movie/TV Watchlist

The Main Street Journal staff recommends their “essential” watchlist of movies.

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Anime Review

June 7, 2018 6:13pm | Rukayat Fakoya

What would you do if you had a chance to live in an apartment with a luxourious space for little rent? There’s one condition, the apartment you live in is full of youkai! A youkai is a type of demon within the anime world. That’s […]

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Out Now!!!

June 7, 2018 5:40pm | Neima Belewa

On May 18, 2018, Netflix released a new season of their show, 13 Reasons Why. In this season, the students and friends close to Hannah Baker are asked to speak on in the trial against the school. The students reveal new stories of them and […]

Top movie in May 2018

June 6, 2018 5:23pm | Cynthia Ofoegbu

A new month has begun and new movies are going to get released.  However let’s take a look back on the top movie for the month of May 2018. Deadpool 2: Box office $598.6 million A sequel about Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, who create a team of of other […]

Avengers: Infinity War

May 3, 2018 8:58pm | Ibrahim Abass

Infinity War has been raking in a ton of money in pre-sales and those last-minute ticket purchases over the weekend. It has an estimated $250 million domestic opening over Thursday night to Sunday. That would be the highest domestic debut of all time. It’s in good […]

“Grown-ish” Renewed For A Second Season

January 24, 2018 7:05pm | Alexis Jefferson

On January 3, 2018, a new show premiered on the Freeform network. This show immediately became a hit and it was recently renewed for a second season of twenty episodes. That show is Grown-ish. Grown-ish is about a character by the name of Zoey Johnson and her college experience. The […]


January 23, 2018 3:33pm | Shanta S. Prince

This year, there are so many great movies and sequels coming out, and people all over are waiting to see! Here is a list of some great movies coming out this year: Tomb Raider Black Panther Traffik A Wrinkle in Time Ralph Breaks the Internet […]

Popular Movies of January 2018

January 5, 2018 1:04am | Mincie Richardson

Wonder what movies will be coming out this month?  Here are some of the most popular ones that you can go see at your favorite movie theatres.  Go get your tickets now!! Hope You Enjoy!! Insidious: The Last Key (Friday January 5, 2018) Stars : Lin […]

Top 5 Movies For the Month of November

December 8, 2017 4:55pm | Cynthia Ofoegbu

  November has come to an end, and we are moving into the winter month of December, but lets take a look back on the top movies for the month of November.   5. “A Bad Moms Christmas” (Received a Box office of 103.2 million)     […]

Top 5 Movies for the Month of October

November 6, 2017 3:04am | Cynthia Ofoegbu

 October has ended and a new month has started, but let’s take a look back at the Top 5 most Popular Movies for the month of October. 5. Jigsaw– This movie was a horror film about a serial killer named John “Jigsaw” Kramer using 5 […]

Top 10 Black Documentaries

February 21, 2017 11:07pm | Shanta S. Prince, Micah Duckett

Dark Girls (2011) Trailer In this emotional and heartfelt documentary, directors Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry set out to examine why skin-color bias persists among people of African descent, and how it affects the lives of women on the receiving end. 2. Tongues Untitled (1989) […]