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PGCPS will be online until 2021! Survey Results

July 15, 2020 11:55pm | Virginia Bates

How will schools reopen safely this fall? Prince George’s County is the second in Maryland to commit to starting the school year online. Distance learning will continue until at least Jan. 29, the school system says. Prince George’s County is the second in Maryland to […]

What’s next?

July 15, 2020 11:37pm | Shyann Snyder

What will happen next with all the COVID-19 stuff going on? Will the schools reopen for the students and staff to return safely into the building or will it be hybrid or will it all be done online? Many parents have been saying “what are […]

Should School’s Reopen This Fall? Take This Survey

July 2, 2020 12:20am | Virginia Bates

How do you feel about going back to school in the fall as the coronavirus pandemic continues? This fall Maryland schools are expected to reopen to continue to let students learning in class, whether it’s in person or online, or a combination of both. The […]

Supporting Black Lives Matter Protesters!

June 29, 2020 1:42pm | Deven Garcia

On Monday  I worked along with a mentor,  Chef Ricky (@chef_dmv) to help feed those protesting in Washington, Dc. We set up a table on K street NW and served all those we could, about 107 plates were made. We brought tons of food.  The […]

BLM Plaza is closed 6/22/20

June 23, 2020 10:02pm | Professor Whitworth

PGCPD Is Hiring Cadets !

June 17, 2020 2:08am | Deven Garcia

Prince George’s County Police Department is hiring Police Cadets.  The Cadet Program can be an excellent segue into a Police Officer position downstream.  This will afford youth who are not college-bound the chance to have a high-paying career in Public Safety that presents a pathway into the middle class.  […]

Seafood Scam

June 12, 2020 4:36am | Aamiyah Stewart

Two restaurant owners have been sentenced to 723 years in prison in Thailand, after defrauding the public with a seafood promotion. Apichart Bowornbancharak and Prapassorn Bawornban sold vouchers to customers that entitled them to use their seafood buffet at an extremely low price. But they […]

Coronavirus spreads to fruit and vegetable packers

June 12, 2020 4:35am | Aamiyah Stewart

From apple packing houses in Washington state to farmworkers in Florida and a California county known as “the world’s salad bowl,” outbreaks of the novel coronavirus are emerging at U.S. fruit and vegetable farms and packing plants. A rising number of sick farm and packing […]

Microplastics Falling From the Sky…

June 12, 2020 4:35am | Aamiyah Stewart

As being carried by the wind, dust particles from places such as the Sahara Desert can float halfway around the world before settling to the ground. As the plastics discarded by humans break down into tiny pieces in the environment, they, too, drift through the […]

Coronavirus Vaccine

June 12, 2020 4:34am | Aamiyah Stewart

When President Trump announced last month that a vaccine against the new coronavirus could be available by the end of the year or sooner, his claim was met with a mix of hope and disbelief. The search for vaccines often ends in failure, and the […]