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The Importance of Climate Change

October 26, 2020 2:10pm | Oluwadamilola Afe

Many had seen the skies turn orange in California. The sun was hidden from the clouds, and it seemed like a post apocalyptic setting to witness. What we imagined as a fantasy is now becoming reality, and we have to take steps to prevent further […]

Alumni Remembrance Day

October 26, 2020 2:07pm | Latavia Spriggs

Sunday, November 8th, Charles Herbert Flowers High school is hosting a remembrance day for all of the fellow classmates and members of the flowers community we have lost due to health, violence, and other tragedies. Alumni Day is set to start @ 1pm in the […]

The Destruction of Delta

October 23, 2020 1:17am | Hannah Dunson

Before Delta, there was Hurricane Sally. According to research, Hurricane Sally lasted as a Category 2 hurricane which was equivalent to a Category 3. The destruction of Sally hit the South hard and has left many damages to recover for months. Immediately following Sally, was […]

On October 22, 2020

October 23, 2020 12:40am | Aamiyah Stewart

1. Russia and Iran have tried to obstruct the 2020 presidential election. It was said that Iran is behind a recent email campaign that was made to look like it came from the Proud Boys group. 2. The United States has reported more than 1,000 […]

Into The Digital Divide

October 22, 2020 1:53pm | Hannah Dunson

            Since the beginning of fall, many students across the nation have been struggling to access their classes online. This issue has caused countless students to miss class, and most importantly, their education. In Prince George’s county, many teachers rallied at […]

Never forget

October 22, 2020 1:27pm | Kyle Holmes

Although he’s gone, But he will never be forgotten.  

MSJ Voices DAY 3: Using Our Voices

October 22, 2020 12:50pm | Professor Whitworth

It is after school on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, at 3:00 PM, eight students showed up to learn how they can contribute to the publication of The Main Street Journal and Jaguar Voices. Professor Whitworth, the Advisor,  started with a video by U2, “With or […]

Remembering Koree Freeman

October 19, 2020 9:49pm | Virginia Bates

R.I.P Koree Freeman C.H.Flowers High School athlete and alum Koree Ahmad-Diego Freeman passed away in a fatal car crash on October 11, 2020 on the BW Parkway in  Greenbelt, Maryland at 3:45AM. Family, friends, and loved ones were heartbroken by the news spreading on social […]

Up To October 12th…

October 12, 2020 11:38am | Aamiyah Stewart

Here are the things you need to know to be caught up on everything: 1. According to CNN, about 75% of the United States are seeing an increase in coronavirus cases. Specifically, Montana, New Mexico, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Vermont have have seen about a […]

When the South Met Sally

October 8, 2020 1:48pm | Hannah Dunson

        In 2005, Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest Hurricanes to ever hit the South. Now, a new competition is rising. The South now has met Hurricane Sally. Hurricane Sally hit Pensacola in the middle of September, just as schools were […]