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A.C.E. Competition Winners

May 8, 2019 4:06pm | James Demery

Monday night 5/6 the CH Flowers ACE club (Architecture.Contruction.Engineering) competed in an annual student presentation in Washington DC. We displayed and presented our project in-front of a panel of architects at AIA Headquarters. After competing against 9 different high schools in the DC Metropolitan area […]

Nintendo Is Planning On Releasing Two New Switch Models This Summer

May 2, 2019 4:26pm | Jason Credle Jr

Nintendo is working on two new versions of its Switch console that are likely to release this summer, sources told The Wall Street Journal Monday. The two new versions of the popular console will be targeted at completely opposite consumer groups: “avid videogamers” and casual gamers, according to […]

IEEE Robot Challenge Results

April 30, 2019 2:52pm | James Demery

Over the break, we had 88 of our engineering and computer science 11th grade students compete in the IEEE Robot Challenge at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. These students performed very well. Coaches: Nicholas Acha Alexander Dulce Shanice White The results are: Two Legged Manual […]

Northrop Grumman High School Internships

March 12, 2019 1:14pm | Khiya McGee

If you love math and science, are creative and hardworking, and desire a STEM-related career, then this is the internship for you! Students selected for Northrop Grumman’s summer STEM High School Internship Program will work alongside our top engineers and scientists in a fun and […]

What goes on in Computer Science?

March 12, 2019 12:51pm | James Demery

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the Computer Science Track of Science & Technology? Well, let me tell you. During 2A, we go to Ms. White’s classroom and work on our RPs, which is a research practicum project that we have been working […]

Patriots Mother/Daughter Stem Competition

March 12, 2019 12:37pm | Antonio Carmon

The Patriots Technology Training Center is holding a Pre-Mothers Day STEM competition on May 4th, 2019. This competition is a great way for mothers and daughters to team up, compete, & learn about STEM interrelated careers. Ten teams of 8 (4 mothers and 4 daughters) […]

The Real Number One Of The Game Awards!!!

January 3, 2019 5:30pm | Weston-Coley.Jr

God Of War is pretty much everything Ive ever wanted from a God of war game with excellent story, deep combat and great graphics. Great experience from start to finish , and  the Combat changed greatly from a beat I’m up to a half open […]

Apple Launches Group FaceTime Feature!

June 7, 2018 5:10pm | Neima Belewa

Apple has announced that they are releasing a new IOS update that now includes group Facetime with up to 32 people. IOS 12 has been set to drop in Fall 2018. Its features include faster performance and new Animojis. This update will be compatible with […]

NSBE: Winning at Finals

May 8, 2018 4:49pm | Vanessa Roache`

On April 27-29, the two CHFHS NSBE teams, BURNOUTS, and Racing Royals attended the Finals competition at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. The team Racing Royals won 1st place in their Mods Dragster competition. This competition consisted of modifying a drag car and racing […]

The Fall of Modern Video Games

March 3, 2018 10:24pm | Manuel A. Morillo

Over the last five years, modern video games have in my opinion become stale. Developers push out clusters of games of the same genre with each iteration becoming less and less of the typical game we might have seen a few years earlier, but instead […]