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The Jaguar Renaissance

Various forms of artwork are submitted to be featured on The Main Street Journal’s website and in some cases are considered for placement on the print copy of the newspaper.

The Jaguar Renaissance Subcolumns

The Gospel Project: Sin

January 25, 2021 4:28pm | Daphne Nwobike

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23 What is sin?  Well, according to 1 John 3:4, sin is breaking God’s laws. In Matthew 22:37, Jesus states the most crucial law: “You must love the LORD your God with […]

I Am Done

January 25, 2021 3:06pm | Corbin Pettigrew

I hope you learn how to live without me.  I’m done trying to be in your life.  I hope it eats you alive that nights like this, That you didn’t even know you were breaking me. I hope it breaks your heart, That you always […]

Tis My Land Too

January 21, 2021 1:18am | Zena Whitworth

Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? Where are you from? Who did you come with? Who do you belong to? So what if you have a key! Life!  Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness Tis My Land Too

The Gospel Project: Creation

January 19, 2021 12:52pm | Daphne Nwobike

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) We see day and night, the sun and moon, the seas and land, trees and animals, and never consider Who made them. We never consider our Creator who, with mere words, spoke the […]

Procrastination (Pro)blems

January 16, 2021 4:52am | Latavia Spriggs

Procrastination is inevitable, or at least it constantly feels like it. Being home amidst the pandemic has not been helpful to most when it comes to determination and work ethic. Since being home and having restrictions has become the new normal, procrastination seems to be […]

Life at a Boarding School

January 14, 2021 2:00pm | Hannah Dunson

            Boarding schools have been around for ages and has caused many students to become prepared for the real world. This has also caused a lot of students to drop out of boarding school. Although life may seem glamorous outside […]

My Freshman vs Senior Year

January 11, 2021 7:31pm | Latavia Spriggs

The difference between my first day of 9th grade and my first day of 12th grade is astronomical. Not only am I older, wiser, and more experienced, but my first first day of high school and my last first day high school were both the […]

Worth the Wait

January 11, 2021 3:01pm | Shyann Snyder

The longer that you wait For something. The more you start to appreciate It when you get it, Because Anything worth having It is always worth the wait, In the end.

The Profile of Speech

January 11, 2021 2:19pm | Hannah Joseph

On January 8, 2021 in Ms. Whitworth’s period 3B Speech class, former student Samuel Shokera came online to help illuminate the importance and impact of speech. ” There is power in language. . . . . . Speech is not so much how much you […]

SAT Test Prep – February 13th

January 11, 2021 1:44pm | Hannah Dunson

Good morning fellow Jaguars, although the SAT is just around the corner, there is still prep provided to get you prepared for it. According to Dr. Brown’s email, the “Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Maryland is sponsoring a FREE SAT Prep forum”. They have also […]