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The Jaguar Renassaince

Various forms of artwork are submitted to be featured on The Main Street Journal’s website and in some cases are considered for placement on the print copy of the newspaper.

The Jaguar Renassaince Subcolumns

Pageant Girl

June 9, 2018 9:41pm | Neima Belewa, Jane Oyekan

“Smile wide.” They tell the jewel posing before them As They begin to photoshop the small gap between her bright shiny pearls So that she may be the next “Covergirl.”   Fix your position they critique her As she prepares for the very competition that […]


June 9, 2018 9:40pm | Jade Banks

Late at night is when I think And try to I clear my head I often stay awake all night Just laying in my bed As soon as I get comfy Thoughts start racing in I start to question everything and regret my every sin […]


June 9, 2018 9:39pm | Jade Banks

The bell rang, Flowers bloom, The dragon sang, And everything is doomed. Flowers dried out, Heavy rain fell, Every organism pout, Nothing is well. The volcano erupted, Lava covered the plains, The trees are busted, All felt pain. The sun shone, Freezy wind blow, The […]

Death of Love Undone -Poem

June 9, 2018 9:37pm | Neima Belewa, Victor Nwogu

  Roses are red Violets are blue My heart is cold And empty too I lost the one who meant the most All because of some petty hoes   Heartache, heart sad Think I might go mad Our love was like an eclipse Never meant […]

Bubble Coat

June 8, 2018 10:37pm | Kelechi Ihejerika

What a design! It looks pretty new. Is it holographic? That’s a neat shade of blue! I answered the comments, with an esteemed yes. But someone called it fake. That put me in distress. No it’s not, I replied. Just feel it and see! He […]


June 8, 2018 10:36pm | Kelechi Ihejerika

My pencil skirt is purple and new. It doesn’t really reach my knees. Since everyone is infatuated with my attire, No matter how short, I am no sleaze.   My red lipstick has broken in two. The difficulty it took to apply, It bleeds on […]


June 8, 2018 10:34pm | Kelechi Ihejerika

You sit there and you do no work, But you have the audacity to laugh and smirk How dare you succumb to this environment? Have you ever thought about your own retirement? You see the world but you refuse to change it. Yet you’re angry […]


June 8, 2018 6:23pm | Anonymous

Fresh and bittersweet Laying beyond my reach Her petals call me


June 8, 2018 2:25pm | Ibironke Sonekan

Our hearts are built on sin It’s the main reason why we won’t let god in We run away not knowing we’re running to the devil He loves the attention but he will never be on God’s level We hide in our guilt and shame […]

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Anime Review

June 7, 2018 6:13pm | Rukayat Fakoya

What would you do if you had a chance to live in an apartment with a luxourious space for little rent? There’s one condition, the apartment you live in is full of youkai! A youkai is a type of demon within the anime world. That’s […]