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October 27, 2020- Dexterous (adj.)- mentally adroit and skillful : clever  More →


Students submit poems of any style to be be published on The Main Street Journal.
-Poems can be of any style
-Must be proofread by news team before being posted
-No limit to number of stanzas or lines
-No profanity

The Cry of the Motherland

October 27, 2020 2:24pm | Favour Ijaola

The Motherland is bleeding She’s been stabbed in the back By the people, she calls family The sons setting out to kill each other The daughters turning a blind eye to it She yells in agony And calls out to her brothers and sisters Who […]

I Hate This

October 23, 2020 3:28pm | Virginia Bates

I miss you. I really miss you. I loved you. I did things for you. I wrote poems for you Words I wish you heard before you left.. Why did you leave? You left me like this. I tell myself I hate every boy that […]

With You

October 4, 2020 8:48pm | Shyann Snyder

When I’m with you I act different, In a good way. I smile more and laugh more. With you, I can drop a fake smile and put on a real one. I don’t feel hurt and alone when I’m with you. Instead, I feel safe […]

You make me

September 27, 2020 7:40pm | Shyann Snyder

You make me laugh when I want to cry, Make me live when I want to die, Make me smile when I want to frown. You turn my life upside down. Believe in me when no one else does You’re my now, my is, my […]


September 16, 2020 12:37pm | Virginia Bates

I’m home all day with nothing to do, but work I look outside and wish that I could go somewhere,  but I’m trapped I want to leave these walls that keep me imprisoned but I can’t I can’t because it’s dangerous outside I can’t because […]

What is Love?

May 24, 2020 7:32pm | Jermaine Tolliver II

love is a funny concept sometimes u can see it but it’s not there maybe it’s there but i just can’t see it forcing into love is a death wish killing your heart and honor means killing yourself and love is not suicidal love is […]

Michelle Obama

May 13, 2020 2:32pm | Jordan Coleman

Michelle Obama Our First Lady and her amazing legacy Represented her herself with style and grace She has never been afraid to move forward Without worrying about the things people may say Our First Lady Michelle accomplished so many things that have changed me, and […]


May 12, 2020 6:51pm | Saffiatu Johnson

If I’m being honest, there are parts of me that feel a little different knowing that some things are going back to ‘normal’ I’m happy but not in joy at the same time Deep down I still feel like a part is missing, but it’s […]

Peaceful Growth

May 1, 2020 11:36pm | Evan Nuesca

  Budding plants under the sun Without care for anyone.  Sheltered seedlings growing up Unaware of the nation’s lockup.   Motivated to grow and flower Vegetables and fruits Unimpeded by the crisis  That affects our waking hour.   While they continue to work Day in […]

The Reason Why

April 30, 2020 8:17pm | Sydney Monroe

Culture (n) – the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.   There’s always been a fear Of being of African descent  For all the negative stereotypes And treatments that came with it We lost our history […]