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Students submit poems of any style to be be published on The Main Street Journal.
-Poems can be of any style
-Must be proofread by news team before being posted
-No limit to number of stanzas or lines
-No profanity

Trust That Scares

April 30, 2019 4:48pm | Jayvon Pegus

I’m scared to trust now. I had my trust broken many times before. I was left a broken girl. I still am broken inside. I simply cannot trust. It’s not you, it’s me. My trust can’t be broken again. So don’t ask me to trust […]


April 30, 2019 2:49pm | Jayvon Pegus

She’s like a witch Fly on black nights Shattering dreams Cutting lovers’ hearts She scattred blackworms that resides and worn out souls She’s a devil disguise as an angel clad in white Yet I with the moonbeams in my palm and with the dawn beyond […]

Stand the Heat

April 29, 2019 10:31pm | Jayvon Pegus

Then straight I ‘gin my heart to chide, And did thy wealth on earth abide? Didst fix thy hope on mould’ring dust? The arm of flesh didst make thy trust? Raise up thy thoughts above the sky That dunghill mists away may fly. Thou hast […]


April 29, 2019 10:29pm | Jayvon Pegus

When music sounds, gone is the earth I know, And all her lovely things even lovelier grow; Her flowers in vision flame, her forest trees Lift burdened branches, stilled with ecstasies. When music sounds, out of the water rise whose beauty dims my waking eyes, […]


April 12, 2019 6:12pm | Jakeria Spriggs

I’ve lost myself as a individual, messing around with people I thought were my friends.  I’ve lost myself by putting more energy into a relationship than the other person and got hurt.  With this being said, I’ve been dead inside ever since.  Trying to get […]


April 5, 2019 1:35pm | Jayvon Pegus

When God created you, He knew what he would see. Someone that wasn’t perfect, Or in heaven you would be. He put you here on earth To lead this life you live, Learning as you go, Giving what you can give. He knew that you […]


April 5, 2019 1:34pm | Jayvon Pegus

A tear ran down her cheek As she read the words he wrote His dad sat at the table With a lump in his throat The letter was stained With blood mixed with sand It was a letter From their son in a far off […]


April 5, 2019 1:33pm | Jayvon Pegus

trust is me telling the truth. trust is you believing me. trust is me not being afraid. trust is you not making me. deep down within, i hope real hard deep down within, i scream and shout deep down within, i cant help but cry […]


April 5, 2019 1:31pm | Jayvon Pegus

Happiness perhaps once had features Of a single, compact whole, But countless are the craving creatures Praying God some bliss to dole. He therefore must have sadly shattered Happiness into many a bit And had the pieces widely scattered To give all eyes a glimpse […]

She Looks Like Me

April 3, 2019 5:50pm | Nola Hill

a Poem by nola hill She looks like me.. We’re so much alike, but yet so different. Sometimes she’s like a sister to me, At other times, she’s my greatest rival. She truly means the world to me, But I hate her more than words […]