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Homecoming Approaching

September 14, 2018 8:08pm | Donni Blackwell

Attention!!! Homecoming will be from October 8th – 13th . Be on the lookout for spirit week, homecoming court, game, and dance. Make sure you show off your talents at Apollo Night and that your class participates in class night to see who wins this […]

9/11 Salute

September 13, 2018 4:53pm | Jalia Williams

Yesterday, from 9:30- 10:30 a.m., the AFJROTC Cadets and Fire Cadets went out to the Flagpole to show respect¬†to every soldier and citizen who was killed during 9/11. The event took place during first and second period. We thank the cadets for paying tribute to […]

2020 Class Night Practice

September 13, 2018 4:40pm | Tyra Ware

Are you apart of the Class of 2020? Do you have some moves or think you can dance? The Class of 2020 is holding practice after school for the dance portion of Class Night on Tuesdays from 2-30-4.m. If you feel you have the moves, […]

Early Dismissal On The Second Day of School

September 5, 2018 3:44am | Alexis Jefferson

On the evening of Tuesday September 4, 2018, it was announced on the PGCPS website that on Wednesday September 5, 2018, the second day of the school, Prince George’s County Public Schools will be running on an early dismissal schedule due to the hot temperatures, […]

Milk & Honey Cafe: Restauraunt Review

August 29, 2018 4:05am | Alexis Jefferson

“We didn’t create brunch…we just perfected it.”-Milk & Honey The Milk & Honey Cafe is a family-friendly individual chain restaurant with¬†two locations in Maryland: College Park and Bowie. The College Park location opened on Thursday July 5, 2018, replacing the Beltsville location. I was introduced […]

Aretha Franklin Dies at 76

August 17, 2018 3:47am | Alexis Jefferson

Aretha Franklin, also known as the ‘Queen of Soul’ and one of the ‘greatest singers of all time’, has passed away on Thursday August 16, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 76 due to advanced pancreatic cancer. Aretha Franklin was born March 25, […]

What To Do This Fourth of July

July 4, 2018 5:07pm | Alexis Jefferson

The Fourth of July is a national holiday that commemorates when this country became a free nation, but it’s also a day of fun and relaxation. Therefore, in order to spend your time wisely, listed below are ideas of what you should do this Fourth […]

Incoming Freshman: Advice and Tips!

June 7, 2018 5:34pm | Neima Belewa

Welcome Incoming Freshman! Your first year of high school is starting soon and you may feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry! Here is some advice and tips to help you out during your high school career. Don’t skip. If you skip, your teacher will most likely […]

Apple Launches Group FaceTime Feature!

June 7, 2018 5:10pm | Neima Belewa

Apple has announced that they are releasing a new IOS update that now includes group Facetime with up to 32 people. IOS 12 has been set to drop in Fall 2018. Its features include faster performance and new Animojis. This update will be compatible with […]

Kate Spade Dies at Age 55

June 6, 2018 5:37pm | Neima Belewa

Kate Spade, a successful and well-known fashion designer, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. Spade was found by her housekeeper, and The New York Police Department declared the incident as a suicide. Kate Spade left behind her husband and […]