Speak up -Speak out

Theresa Maynard

Guest Speakers:
Nora Morales- Office of Diversity
Amanya Paige- HS Advocate PGRASG
Kristen U. – VP
Juwan Blocker- SMOB
Patricia Eubank- BOE District 4
There was a meeting on February 8, 2017 discussing the prices and funding for AP exams and teachers relationships with students taking AP classes. The reason AP tests cost so much is because only 20% of students who take the exam pass. AP boot camps were suggested by a guest speaker to train the students, so the government won’t feel like they’re wasting money. Fifty million dollars comes from the federal and state funds to make the tests. Despite this the parents have to pay a $93 fee per test although they may not be able to afford it. Montgomery and Fairfax counties make the most money but, they don’t pay as much as PG county does. No district in Maryland pays for the complete amount of the exam but, it still costs a lot. Dual enrollment students also get hit by the budget cut as well. There will be another speak up speak out meeting held on February 23rd, 2017.