The Right Words

Stacey Davies

Wish I could find the right words to say
So I could feel comfortable in my skin for at least a day
So I could twist and turn events according to my way
Want to be heard
The power of words
Let it surge
Explode through this room and bring you back to life
Pierce right through you like an arrow aimed right
Let syllables roll off my tongue
Have a heavy impact that hits you all at once
Burn bright like a million suns
Let the rays weigh on your mind like a hundred ton
Let my words follow you
Have you thinking about my impromptu
While you walk down the street bend
When you’re on your phone, waiting for your friend to hit send
As the sun descends
And the day is due to end
You go down to lay in your bed
You go to sleep with my words running miles in your head
Making turns, swerves, going ’round and around your brain
Maybe I’m going over the top, exaggerating too much
Hope I’m not being inane
Always imagined
That one day, my words would bounce of the walls, carry the strong conviction
Of thousands of swords, getting ready for war
Then I’ll go forward
Take my stance, do a quick one, two
Follow through
Throw some jabs out my mouth
Directly towards you
When I’m done, it will be a total knockout
You’ll be left speechless
Left paralyzed, your mind needing time to process
While you slowly recognize
The girl that stands before your eyes
With the right words standing by her side