Math Honor Society


"Briana Dawson"

The Math Honor Society is full of students who maintain an A or B in their current math class. The club also sponsors tutoring to help others in math on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Some of the girls were interviewed from the club to give their perspective, on what the club has to offer:
“The club provides that chance for those who may not be very good in math, to understand.”
“The club tries to help those outside of the club and tries to create a more positive view of math.”
This month, the Math Honor Society is going to be participating in the Mathematical Minutes Contest.
This Contest requires members to produce educational and entertaining videos.
The chapter members may select the math topics that their society will be covering. The video must be two to five minutes long and submitted by February.28,2017.
To learn more of the competition, check out the link below:
Here are some ideas that the Math Honor Society is considering.