The 11th Grade Plan


Ashley Dawson

The 11th-grade year is the most important one during your high school years. This is your last year to prepare for how you’re going to get into college.
The best way to prepare is to make a checklist.

  • First, keep up with your classes and your grades. Colleges look at your GPA.
  • Second, take PSAT to see what¬†your score is and to qualify for the Merit Scholarship. The SAT and PSAT are on the same scale.
  • Organize time for test preparation.
  • Select test dates for the SAT.
  • Make a college list.
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities- colleges look for non-academic activities you pursue. Leadership positions also intrigue¬†colleges.
  • Start scholarship search.
  • Apply for summer internships- this looks appealing on college applications.
  • Visit colleges to figure out which college is the best fit.
  • During the summer work on your application essays.

Here is a link to “An 11th-grade college planning timeline.” This article better breaks down the process of what you should do during each semester.