Poms competition dates

"Briana Dawson"

Poms is Charles Herbert Flowers official dance and marriott team. The team both performs at football games and competes in various competitions.
Some of the upcoming dates are:
-March 4th at Gwynn Park
-March 11th at Ocean City
-March 18th at University of Maryland
-April 22nd at Hersheypark
-May 7th at Virginia beach
The team has already had their first win, which took place on February.12,2017. To give you a quick overview of how the competitions are held, one of the members of the Poms team (Gabrielle) was interviewed.
“The competitions are separated into three divisions.”
-Division one is for Varsity
-Division two is for JV
-Division three is for those who have no experience
The members of the Poms team began preparing their routines for the competitions in January.
The Varsity team has around three prepared routines. The genres include hip hop, pom and prop.
While, the JV team prepared four routines. Their genres include hiphop, pom, band dancing and prop.
Prop dancing is just when a team chooses to include actual prop in their routine. So students remember to come out and support our school’s dance team!