Heaven´s Darkling

Lamar Mcmillan

Blessed perfection without misconception.
Truly without indirection, a hope found,
but Lost.
Let your heart soak in.
Let heaven’s light shine in.
You are of the chosen, no sin,
but wrong.
Human minds fall short of you.
Although, treachery seems relevant. Humanity’s ever longing to find,
But insanity
Free my soul and let me fly, I venerate thee, then I cry.
This must be fate, to die. No one will berate this lie,
My mind.
Amass your conviction and renounce your affliction.
Despite my depiction and this accursed provoking condition,
Humble prayers.
Ancient one, am I not your son?
I must be the forsaken one.
To be cast in this time of hateful thoughts and discrimination.
When is reincarnation?
What is peace?
What is believing?
Who speaks for me when my mind is a well of lies,
who knows my history that’s burnt into ashes and sent to the skies.
What is purpose?
What is passion?
Who am I?