Debate team wins big at Tournament!

Gorman Brown/Jarod Mendoza-Tingem

This past weekend , the Flowers Debate Team attended the Wilson Classic, the 7th regular season tournament on our schedule. The tournament was hosted by Wilson High School, featuring 80 teams from 27 schools competing.

The story of the tournament was Paris Smalley, who, with partner Anuolowapo Adepegba, had gone undefeated in Novice and Junior Varsity in their previous two tournaments. In their first trip to the Varsity Division, Paris and Anu went 2-2, but Paris took home the top individual speaker award. This is incredibly rare for a student debating in Varsity for the first time to win an award, but also an incredible feat given that they weren’t also winning a team award.
Congrats to Paris, we look forward to seeing how they do in their second go around in Varsity at our regional finals in April. Keep up the good work Marilyn!