Recap from Seniors


Ashley Dawson

Seniors write their take away from the year.
“It is important to get the college application and scholarship started early. Don’t believe the hype about the senior year it has its good moments but it is stressful. Also, you definitely want to have an idea of where you want to go before senior year.”- April
“Senior year has really taught me a lot more than the chemical bonds between two ions it taught me family, growth in humility and strength in falling. Now back to those Chemical Bonds…” -Chris Thomas
“Looking back at my 4 years of high school, I realize it was frustrating and challenging for me because of the classes and people who I chose to get involved with. Overall it was a good fight to finish.”- Mya
“When I look back to the beginning of my senior year, I feel that it could have been better.  My senior year started off with making plans about college and studying for the ACT.  At the same time, I was procrastinating with about everything because I was unsure of what I wanted to be or what path I wanted to take.  I had several doubts.  Later on, being in Science and Tech, Research Practicum eventually came into play and I have been working on it since then. This year was my third time being in Drama Club as a dancer and I really loved doing it. I also joined National Art Honor Society this school year and to me, it was really relaxing, especially after a full day of school. Sometimes I look back and think it would’ve probably been better if I was a half day student because It could have given me an opportunity to gain some sense of independence.  As this school year went by, I realize there are several flaws I need to work on for myself before I go off into the real world. I still met some new people this year and there’s still more to come for my senior year.  Now, I’m waiting to see what amounts of money the colleges I applied are going to give me.  After I know, I’ll make my choice on which college I am going to.  All that’s left for me at Charles Herbert Flowers is the Research Practicum Symposium, AP Testing, Senior Sign-In, prom, and graduation.  I just hope I make the most of it to the end.”- Stacey Davies
“I learned to apply to scholarships and colleges early, like the end of junior year or beginning of the senior year. Also, I learned better time management skills with juggling senior year and my internship.”- Zion Brinson
Senior is the time for growing and reflecting. The choices you make today will affect the life you live tomorrow.