U.S Air Force Thunderbirds!

Vanessa Roachè

  The Thunderbirds are a Branch under the Air Force who specialize in air, space and cyberspace. They pilot and fly all types of air crafts. For most, people stay in the Thunderbirds for around three years. They spend more than 5,000 hours working and maintain their ‘birds’. More than 970 airmen work under this branch.

Four of the Thunderbirds finest ambassadors came to visit C.H.Flowers. They gave many impactful speeches to the JROTC. “Branch out, go outside your comfortably”, said Sergeant Tabatha McCarthy, a photojournalist at the Thunderbirds. She also stated, “Do right even when no one is looking”. Integrity is a one of the core values the Thunderbirds live by. They also value service before self and excellence. Many of the ROTC students knew they values as it is taught and implemented throughout their course.

“It’s not just a pilot who makes the team, it’s a team with in a team”, said Major Wit Collins, a pilot for the F-16 aircraft. He mentions that the team develops a bond/trust, while working together. They each know each other personally. He said it’s important to know your teammates because when flying the aircrafts at air shows, they need to be in sync and accurate. If they aren’t then they themselves can get hurt.
At the end, many of the ROTC students enjoyed the Thunderbirds presentation. Some considered joining once they graduate high school.
On Friday September 15,2017, the Thunderbirds will be at the Andrews Airforce Base aircraft show. Doors open at 9am, and the event is free.