Show Marionettes


Manuel A. Morillo

Sometimes we feel like puppets

To be specific, marionettes
Controlled by multiple puppeteers
We are forced to walk
Forced to talk
Forced to feel
Forced to please

You can have no control when on a rod and strings
No confidence
Nothing to look forward to when the day is done
Just a box and perhaps not even that

A box that comes to seal you away
Only until the next performance
Where you are forced to put on a false smile
And act as if everything going on inside is fine
Pleas and feelings ignored and tossed aside
You are molded into an eccedentesiast.
This box becomes your oh so limited world
Blank and full of nothingness
Just white noise and dark walls
You sit there waiting
Waiting for this nightmare to end
This reality to cease existing
This series of events to come to a halt
Only to have it happen continually

Unbeknownst to you
You may be a marionette
Being tugged along  by your heartstrings
Being controlled by forces you can’t see
Trapped in a box waiting for next performance
Just like us
We are the same
No matter the slight differences
We are puppets, simply marionettes
In a box
Waiting to perform at a show that never ends