Boys Bathroom a Urinal Indeed


Manuel A. Morillo

Each school year brings its own fair share of strange occurrences, from gum underneath desks to used condoms found oddly enough on the hallway floor.  Odd occurrences can be seen happening everywhere throughout the building. The strangest story that has recently caught my attention is a sickening event that has repeated itself these last few weeks, a male student has urinated everywhere in the 1st floor bathroom and by everywhere I mean everywhere. This includes in the sinks, on the hand dryers, on the soap dispenser,  on the stalls, on the floors, and even on the locks of the stall door. Computer Science Program junior,  Sidney Glinton, was a witness to the act in question . When questioned about the act he said, “I don’t know who is doing this but I saw someone with red Nike shoes in a stall on the first floor bathroom urinating on the walls, floor, and stall door.”
Fellow gentlemen, please have some common decency, learn to aim, and finally wash your hands.