Seniors Get Accepted On-Site!

Shanta S. Prince

On Saturday, September 23, 2017 at the College Fair located at Oxon Hill High School, seniors Azubike Agubokwu, Chardale Folks, and Darielle Kangah got accepted to several colleges on-site. This is a huge deal because college acceptance is a long, tiring process. Seniors are to apply to several colleges and scholarships within their senior year.
Senior Azubike Agubokwu got accepted to Norfolk State University, Bowie State University, Concor University, Universit of Maryland Eastern Shore, Fairmont State University, The University of the District of Colombia, and St. Vincent College. He stated, “I felt very confident and prepared after following the steps that Ms. Whitworth gave me”. Lucky for him, his future just became brighter!
Senior Darielle Kangah got accepted to Bowie State University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and the University of the District of Colombia. He says, “I felt good, it feels good to have backups.” Darielle now has options as it pertains to taking the next step in his life.
Senior Chardale Folks got accepted to Norfolk State University. He said, “At first I thought that I wasn’t going to make it anywhere, so when I got accepted, it boosted my confidence.” Now that Chardale got accepted, he can safely secure his future!
These three seniors have accomplished a great goal. College fairs are indeed very helpful and can give you options for your future. A college fair is coming to Flowers on Thursday, October 12. If you are a senior, you should definitely come now that you know what accomplishments can be met. Underclassmen are welcome as well. Secure your future and get your options now, and your future will be set!