Davon Cash

Flowers Jaguars on Saturday September 3, 2017 went up against the Northwestern Wildcats. Flowers are coming off a 25-19 wins against Roosevelt, feeling confident from a big win Flowers had to stay focus, not to get upset this week by the Wildcats.

The Wildcats was 1-2 coming into this game while the Flowers Jaguars was undefeated 3-0. Northwestern wanted to get the upset against the Jaguars for beating the Roosevelt Raiders. This game was the Jaguars test to see can they show their here to stay.

Going into this game the goal was to blow out Northwestern by at least 40 points. The Jags had a ugly first half in their opinion. NO Points was score the first half by either team, 0-0 at the end of the half. This cause the jags to come out more motivated to score. The Jags put up 21 points in one half in this game. Only allowing the Wildcats to score off a blown Coverage. Having the final the score 21-7.

When ask the Head Coach how did the players do at Saturday games he said “We didn’t play up to are best Potential, but we got though the game a W a W we got to learn from this.”

Flowers must put in more effort if they want to stay undefeated this season.