SGA Workshop

Shanta S. Prince

On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, the Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Governments came to Flowers and conducted a workshop for SGA. Not only members of Flowers SGA were present. The SGA presidents of Oxon Hill, Friendly, Suitland, Parkdale, Bowie, Roosevelt, Duval, and CMIT North High Schools were present. Also, a representative¬†of Kenmore Middle School attended. The PGRASG President, Tahi Tabassum spoke to the SGA officers. She was also ld more beautiful. master of ceremonies. In her speech, she stated that, “we must use our artistic passions in order to make the world more beautiful.”
During the workshop, an icebreaker game of Rock, Paper, Scissors group was played. In this game, a player finds an opponent to play a regular game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with. The loser of the match must then become the winner’s hype man and this continues until there is only two people left.
The executive board of the PGRASG were introduced, and every Flowers SGA member were introduced. This workshop was a lot of fun, and we should expect our SGA to bring great things to the table!