Death by Switch Blade in NYC high school

Tonea Eps

A Bronx student at Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation stabbed a classmate to death and seriously injuring another with three-inch switch blade. This event happened on Wednesday morning September 27, 2017.  The police believed an 18-year-old stabbed a possible 15 and 16-year-old due to repeated bullying from source at the school the suspect had been feuding with the victims since the beginning of the school year, even though the classmates was scared for their lives, the 15-year-old died after being stabbed in the chest and the 16-year-old was still alive with a severe injury. After being arrested, the 18-year-old is now being held at the 48th precinct on charges that haven’t been issued yet. “The school serves 6th through 12th grades, which is co-located with an elementary school”, but doesn’t have any metal detectors. Kids have told the city how dangerous it was, but they never listened. I hope now the city will pay attention to the problems that are happening in the schools and they will do something about it. This also show we need to watch people more carefully and if we see something that not right we need to speak up to prevent from happening to us.