Donald Trump Issued a Warning to North Korea

Neima Belewa

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017, Donald Trump warns North Korea of “devastating” military  action if necessary.  Two defense officials tell CNN that the nation has moved a small number of assets to a base in the eastern part of the country. The move was spotted by US satellite imagery and is viewed by US officials as an effort for North Korea to boosts its military readiness.
On Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho has claimed that Donald Trump had  “declared a war” against the country and has threatened to shoot down any US aircraft flying off the eastern coastline.
“He’s acting very badly,” Trump stated of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un at a press conference at Rose Garden. Threats of war from North Korea’s top diplomat came in response to a provocative tweet from President Trump. He said that the rogue state “won’t be around much longer.”
The White House has already dismiss the idea of war, with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saying that the idea was “absurd.”
But despite the war of words, either country has not acted upon such words.  South Korean Liberty Korea Party lawmaker Lee Cheol-woo said that North Korea has taken no immediate action following the US’s weekend flyover and possibly has never been aware of it.
CNN’s Ben Westcott contributed to this report.