PGCPS, A Fraud?


Vanessa Roache, Indira Nzerue, Kemi Ibrahim, Jonyce Bland, and Zion Williams

Conspiracies that lead to the theory of PGCPS allegedly changed grades to boost graduation rates.

Who are they blaming, the teachers or the students?

Many of the PGCPS board members are calling for a state investigation because of a “widespread systemic corruption”. Most of them believe that the staff at the public schools are changing grades to boost high school graduation rates. Many of them state that  hundreds of students have not met the MSDE graduation requirements.
According to the Board Members:

  • Grades were changed without teachers consent
  • Students received service hours for service that they didn’t even do
  • Courses that students have not taken are being added to their records

According to my colleagues evidence shows otherwise. We decided to do a private investigation ourselves. Kemi Ibrahim, Joyce Bland, and Zion Williams interviewed many of teachers with in Flowers High School to see for themselves. Ms.Allen, a health teacher, said “I have heard a lot of rumors of things like this”. Mrs.Lee, PLTW, instructor says, “Most of the students deserved the grades that they got.” Meaning that the students who passed and who have graduated deserved that. There are many hard working kids at this school, and many of them are being accused of changing grades. Is it the students, or is it the teachers?
The percentage of black African Americans residing in PG county is about 65%. Many people theorized that these accusations were made from racism. Should we also take account for the fact that majority of this county is African American ? Is this conspiracy based off of the racists beliefs of the board members? What could PG county possibly gain from this hoax? Why is no one asking these valid questions?
Investigations are still being made, but no assertive action is being taken.