Old Dominion University College Tour

Evan Eubanks

During the weekend of September 29th, I traveled with my parents to Old Dominion University, where my brother attends school. I spent Friday and Saturday with my brother shadowing his day and experiencing college life. During my time, I spoke with professors, went to a concert, and enjoyed the great scenery of the campus.
The class sizes were very large and very quiet. One of the college professors did his lecture, left, and told all the students to ask questions amongst each other if they needed help. Above all other traits, the most predominant one was independence.
On September 29th, I sat with my family to watch my brother and his peers in the orchestra perform a symphony called an American Dream. Of all the attractions, the orchestra was the greatest one. The whole orchestra was in perfect harmony as the conductor waved his wand, “It’s like we are all flowing with the music in the same direction…” said Xavier Eubanks.