Journalism Club

Angel Ramos Linares

Are you interested in getting news and becoming a reporter? Love working out in the field and getting the scoop? Then join the Journalism Club, we will be talking about the school newspaper and it will help you get a better understanding of how journalism class works and what the journalism teacher is expecting from you when you take the class.
The club will begin at 2:40 pm after school on Mondays and Wednesdays in room 218,  across from Mr.Miller’s office on the second floor. The journalism club usually lasts from 2:40 pm- 4 pm, but of course if students want to shorten or extend then we will have a discussion about it and come together as group to decide.
We will be discussing news that is happening around the school. Stories and pictures can come from helping clubs out to help them get members and participants, it could be for events that will be held in school or in the community to get people more aware and to help the community in any way.
There will be two different teachers. If you like to type and writing, then you will be with one teacher, if you like to draw and/or your creativity through poetry then you will be with another.
How will this prepare you for life? Well some people want to become news reporters when they grow up, and in the Journalism club we will have you collect news and present it to the class. This way we will prepare you for the real life of a news reporter.