Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much Money?

Marcus Thomas

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The media and other humans have many disagreements with each other opinion about Professional Athletes. The media argues that Professional Athletes are getting paid to much money just to play sports for entertainment. Professional Athletes get paid nearly 111 million dollars a year to play their hobby live on television or in person. Most people say that Athletes are getting paid to much for playing sports for entertainment because other professions like surgeons, police, doctors, and etc really innovate the world but the salary is less than professional athletes. Others people argue for the similar reasons but their opinions are biased because it is mostly based on education and economy wise. These people claim that instead of using the money on sports, it should be used on rebuilding schools, or improving the technology students need in school. The money going to waste on athletes could also be put towards helping the outside world, like to improve the community’s health. In conclusion, the salary for professional athletes diminishes the amount of money that goes toward helping other necessities, like hunger, poverty, and education.