Ode to Puerto Rico


Aderonke Adelegan, Faith Nwagugo, Jalia Williams, Terrance Brantley, and Junior Langmia

Puerto Rico with your beautiful, sandy beaches and clear water
Land rich with plants that feed the mouths of those you invite to your bosom.
Your bright beautiful colors and culture so full of life
Buildings that break the rules and scrape the sky
All you hear now is the cry of your people
Their seemingly never-ending pain of losing all they care about
Families atorn apart, homes broken, lives lost
You were strong against Irma
Irma did not break you, even when they saw your downfall
You looked up to the help of the people you thought were able
They let you down.
The big orange man up top
You’ve learned, now you know
Puerto Rico with your capable self, providing for yourself
to be the only one you need
You’ve learned to lean on no-one and be your own source
Your people have learned the true meaning of community
Ode to Puerto Rico with your independent self