College Fair 2017


2017 College Fair

C. Blake

YOWZA!!!  What an exciting time.  Flowers hosted sixty-two college representatives, nearly the whole senior class along with 9th, 10th and 11th grade students attended.  The representatives said it was best they have attended so far this year.  Why?  Because they could see, talk and share information with our students with ease, not in a rushed or hurried manner.  The flow of students was ongoing at the Fair up to  6 pm.  Virginia State University was admitting students past 6:15 pm.  Over 25 students were admitted and offered scholarships.  There was such a mad rush that Mr. Akers assisted in keeping the flow of students from overwhelming that representative.
Seton Hill is offering athletic scholarships to students.  Every table was busy, students were inquiring and being informed.  We hosted a beauty school and other trade schools.
It was a successful evening for the students.  
****Thank you Community Day Students, you presented a wonderful event for your peers.
***Thank you Ms. Mosley (Guidance Chair), Ms. King (3D Scholars), Mr. Groves (Guidance), Ms. Babb (front office) for helping with transcripts and answering questions relating to applications and senioritis.
***Thank you Mr. Mallardi for the culinary you prepared.  Representatives enjoyed the cuisine.  Thank you to the chefs-in-waiting for their service.
Special thank you to the older kids that assisted in the college fair in answering student questions and moving them along
**Ms. Gaskins, thanks for helping to sign in the college representatives, Mr. Adams, Mr. Akers, Dr. Isebor, Ms. Washington, Ms. Mack,
Ms. Holland, Ms. Silva, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Wheeler.   BOOYAH!
Thanks to the Custodial staff for their assistance and patience.  You are the BEST!  
To all Teachers thank you for your support.
See you next year…………….