Rukayat Fakoya

Season 4 of “Voltron” just came out on October 13th, 2017! THE HYPE IS REAL!  Six episodes of drama, emotion, and ships!
In this season of Voltron, Keith is the leader of Voltron but is not confident with himself as leader, Pidge is close to finding her brother, Allura is able to connect with the blue lion more, Hunk is being a great mother figure, and Lance is a lonely Cuban boy still doubting himself due to his change in the role of forming Voltron. Yes, this is a lot to take in, but the story gets even deeper.

In this new season we get even more emo Keith which might lead to a divide in Voltron. Also we have a villain named Lotor who has his own group of Paladins. The last episode of season 4 is entitled “A New Defender!  What does this mean for Voltron?!