Call for Change: CSC S/T


Manuel A. Morillo

To all CHFHS computer science students and faculty, the current state of the Science and Technology program’s Computer Science Program is in my opinion in need of some serious change.
The current curriculum’s course progression is dysfunctional and progresses incorrectly when compared to other Computer Science Programs also available in the county. Both students and teachers can agree that the computer science curriculum currently in place for S/T students is twisted and does not make sense in terms of progression. S/T computer science track students are required to take Introduction to Programming with C++ followed by AP Computer Science A (AP Java). These courses teach completely different programming languages that have little relation to one another. Students are basically forced to take a course that fails to truly prepare them for the one to come. I would like to call for change to the school S/T computer science curriculum, specifically for a change in programming language focus and class options. Students should have the right to be properly prepared for their next course with the help of a supportive and truly educating curriculum.
If you are interested in supporting this call for change please fill out the google form below: