A Talented Artist from Mecca of Excellence


Self Portrait of Jordan Newkirk

Tyra Ware

Jordan Newkirk, a sophomore at Flowers, is an amazing artist who is trying to jumpstart her career. An interview conducted with Jordan and some of her pieces are below.
“Why do you draw?”
Jordan: “I do it to improve myself and hopefully inspire others to take action on their dreams, and/or overcome their obstacles.”
“How long have you been drawing?”
Jordan: “I’ve been drawing for a particularly long time, from since I could even hold a crayon.”
“Would you be an artist for your career?”
Jordan: “Yes, I’d like to be a professional artist for my career, especially an illustrator, and animator.”
“What inspires you to draw?”
Jordan: “I draw usually because I get inspiration from the people and things around me. My life in itself is just an inspiration to draw.”
“Lastly, tell me a little information on the two drawings.”
Jordan: “As for the drawings, the first is meant to inspire others to take action, especially when opportunities are all around you. As for the second one, I wanted to write a poem to show that there are only some things in life that only deal with one. Hence the poem’s title, “One.”