Daniel Adewetan

With all the social upheaval, political correctness, Trump demonization, gender and social rights for multiple organizations and it is no doubt that America is losing it pure integrity as a powerhouse of greatness. While many can still point to believe the USA has the world’s largest economy, America psychological stability is questionable. The very morals of our society are fading. A “do as you please”mentality. A “don’t judge me and i won’t judge you” mentality. The millennials of are society can’t think for themselves, they like what everyone else likes. They think like everyone else thinks. There is rarely any creativity in our society.  That its more important to be cool than to be yourselves.  That its a disgrace to be unique and a one of a kind individual. Pretty much everywhere you go they wear the same clothes, the same meaningless talks about dating, friends, movies, video games, tv shows and sports.  But its rare to find teenagers that talk about important things like politics and the society. OR even the news. Millennials mostly get their news from social media. Practically they are not as informed as they are supposed to. And don’t get me started with the education system. A system that practically discourages a true love of education and a love to learn and encourages massive obsession with getting good grades. The purpose of learning of forgotten and replacing it with uninteresting, unoriginal, uncreative, outdated and straight up useless educational system. And speaking of outdated and useless, the state tests. Why is the state annually giving these tests? What is the purpose of the tests? To be honest, it disrupts the the learning process and slows down learning in the classes. And some of those tests you have to pass to graduate.   You can learn all the materials and apply it well, but not pass the test, all your work will mean nothing. Kids more than ever, are studying, fasting, praying to pass a useless test. Almost all things if not all the things that on the test, will rarely be useful in your profession. There are ways we can solve these problems. The first way is to address this a problem. Then learn how to solve the problem.