Close of Homecoming 2017


Manuel A. Morillo


With the end of homecoming 2017 comes the close of spirit week and the homecoming game and dance. At 8:10pm the gymnasium was already filled and active with most spirited teenagers dancing and linking with friends in the center and others clinging to the walls. Soon enough the energy could be felt in the air  and alongside it the volume and reverberation of loud screams and music. Food, drink, and four hours of loud high BPM music lead to an enormous hormonal assembly of teenagers, some dancing calmly and collected while others went full primal and let out all their inhibitions. This year homecoming served as a playground where fellow teens let loose, some even going as far as smoking, dealing, and hooking up. Overall besides a few minor incidents, homecoming was an enjoyable experience for all who could make it out.

 Quotes when asked “How is homecoming?”

Artel- “To put is simply its eh..”
Perla- “It’s super hot in here that’s all I can say.”
Davalin- “I’m sweating, so it’s good.”
Anthony- ” Good. It’s great!”

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