Your Purpose of Living

Your Purpose of Living

Raven V. Felder

On Tuesday October 17th, Samuel Shokera came into Ms. Whitworth’s 4A class to talk to the students about life. Samuel Shokera attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and graduated in 2010. He received his Bachelors Degree in Science, Hotel and Restaurant Management at UMES.

Samuel attended Duval High School and was a student in  Ms. Whitworth’s class.

Shokera asked the students multiple questions, each with some advice behind it. One questions was: “How do you prioritize what is important in your life?”

Shokera then elaborated saying, “the most important things in your life should encourage you to be better or get better. Your friends should challenge each other to be better in life. You can determine your priorities by knowing who you are and knowing what is best for yourself. Life is all about mistakes. You have to answer to your consequences. When you get older your consequences start to get more challenging, the younger you are the easier you have it. As you grow mentally, you learn from every experience and from everyone you meet.

Another question asked by Shokera was Samuel was: “What is your purpose in life?”

He continued stating, “if you have no purpose of living, then you shouldn’t be alive. You’re basically living in an empty shell”.

The message that Shokera was trying to convey was that life can be hard, but those mistakes and consequences that come across on the way can encourage you to become stronger and better at what you’re doing.

Thank you Samuel Shokera for the enlightening lecture.