Homecoming Week 2017 Update


Mincie Richardson

October 16 was Homecoming for Charles Herbert Flowers High School Students.  It was filled with laughter and dressing up in themes.
Monday October 16 was character day.  There were people dressed as Kim Possible, Supergirl and Superman, Minnie, Arthur and many more.
Tuesday October 17 was twin day.  Friends and best friends were dressed alike.  It was fun asking people who there twin was.  This was also the night of kouture.  Students got to show off their fashion and model walk.
October 18 was class color day.  9th graders wore purple.  10th graders wore blue.  11th graders wore orange.  12th graders wore red.  On that same night was class night and the 11th grade class took the trophy home.  They won in every category.
On October 19 was denim day.  Students came dressed in denim dresses, jackets, and jeans.  A lot of students also participated in the pep rally that was held in the last 25 minutes of school.  This was full of dancing, singing, and spending time with friends.
That was a fun and eventful week.  Many cant wait until Homecoming Part 2!