Coach B. Teaches Fractions To Freshmans

Ryan Fuller

In the picture above, Imani Karbo & Makayla Mitchell work together to create and find a answer for fractions on the number line. By employing good teamwork, they use good communication and hard work. Their teacher Coach B., explains the work in a very good way and that most students can comply with of understand it. This activity had to do with fractions in the form of numbers and variables. In the assignment students had to complete each problem to in order to  move around the room, to other problems. Every problem represented a country. Students were supposed to go from each country with a problem and solve it, to come back to the U.S.A. You also needed a passport stamp, the passport stamp was given to us by Coach B., after completing the problem, and he gave us the stamp to leave the country if the problem was correct. If the problem was wrong we couldn’t travel and had to stay in the country until we got it right.The purpose of this assignment was to help us understand team work and also never giving up.