My Experience With The 2016 Election


Jade Banks

America is considered the epitome for the most diverse country in the world, no matter the language you speak or where you come from. But ever since the 2016 presidential election the common question was raised: “Where do you stand politically?”, although some people mean “Who do you stand with?”, as if that is supposed to determine whether your ideas are relevant or up to date within this country. Whether you’re a democrat, republican, independent, liberal or conservative we can all agree that we are american’s and that we want this country to always be at its best. However some people think that where you stand politically plays a role in america’s betterment.

The impact on everyone

During the 2016 presidential election, there was a large percentage of white Americans as opposed to the minorities within the US voting within the election. Within the millennial minority category voters of color were more likely to favor the democratic candidate during the election.
My father and I shared the same opinion during the election, Hillary does not deserve to win nor does she need too. My father often expressed his opinions with my sister, grandmother, his fiancée, my mom and, me, I leaned more towards his opinions while my family members did not. Throughout the black community, not supporting Hillary was seen as a sin and that you were betraying your own race. Why should someones opinion affect you so much? Opinions are expressed ideas that everyone has. Some people only see different opinions as irrelevant when they aren’t the same as theirs, because the bias of the conscience is too strong.
I remember going to a restaurant back in 2016 when the campaign was finished and it was established that Donald J. Trump had won the necessary electoral votes to become president of the United States. My family and I were having brunch while I happened to listen into a conversation between two Hispanic women. One of them expressed her disgust to the other by saying how she betrayed her race and that she would never speak to her again because she voted for trump.
The point that I am trying to make here is that opinions and decisions made during this election have left America with a void of people taking one side or the other, based either on influence or pressure.  The foundation of friendships, families and other important relationships have been diminished, purely on their political belief.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Read its content.

I am a conservative black female who leans more right winged (But I do believe in some leftist ideals) and does not consider herself a democrat. This does not mean that I am a bad person, or that my opinions will be biased, I just see the world through a different view. I am a kind and very truthful person and if it came down to who I would have voted for it would have been: Neither. I did not like any candidate from this past election campaign. However I’m not going to judge someone based on who they voted for. I judge people based on their character, not who they checked in a ballot.
Many people my age would consider themselves a democrat or a liberal, or be described as that from their parents and friends and anyone who knows how to difference.  I like the truth and the actual news of what is going on. Not what Fox or CNN wants to broadcast to force you into seeing the same thing everyday.
People could walk around with a “Make America Great Again” hat and I wouldn’t care, I treat them as I would treat anyone else, just as I would treat someone with a “I’m with Her” shirt on. People are people regardless of opinions, and it is our right to treat them as such.

Final thoughts

Everyone seems to have this internalized hatred for anyone who voted for someone not within their interest, anyone who’s a feminist, anyone who is a conservative or liberal, anyone who is pro-gun, anyone who is pro abortion etc. Why can’t we just stop? Everywhere we turn it’s an endless series of blaming someone because of their ideology/beliefs or their religion. This is a nation where you should be able to express your opinions, so why did everyone act like whoever’s opinion was more supported and recognized by the media is the correct choice?