Honolulu Walking and Texting Fines

Marcus Thomas

According to The New York Times, Honolulu has passed a law which will take effect Wednesday. This new law had stated that the police have a right to fine pedestrians up to $35 for viewing their electronic devices while crossing streets in the city and surrounding county. This law became in mind when pedestrians was walking on Hotel Street at Fort Street Mall in Honolulu. The law allowed police to start righting fines when this law got passed on October 23, 2017. The reason of this law to take place was to set a milestone legislation that sets the bar high for safety. Also because pedestrians death rate was 9% in 2016 and the law says that walking and texting is a distraction to the walkers and also the drivers. The readers and witness of this law feels the same way and also feels guilty because they was on of them that did it.
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