Homecoming: A Deeper Look

Neima Belewa

Last week, Homecoming Week was enjoyed by most people. All of the costumes on character day, music during the spirit walk, and school spirit during the pep rally had almost everyone expressing their creativity and enthusiasm. Recently, it has caught my attention that a group of students had not been viewing these events in the same light. 
One student has expressed that Homecoming, as well as Spirit Week, didn’t ignite any special feelings within them. This student has decided to remain anonymous, but was happy to explain why he didn’t enjoy the ongoing festivities.

“I never cared about things like this,” said the anonymous student. “When I was younger, I was never raised to care for school events. If it didn’t apply to me specifically, it was irrelevant.”

Though he didn’t enjoy Spirit Week, he was in attendance of the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  “It was enjoyable,” he said.
Although all might not have enjoyed Homecoming week and its various activities, I firmly believe that new opportunities for students have opened up.