Hair Revolution: To wig, or not to wig


Aderonke Adelegan

There is a hair revolution happening and if you don’t know, it’s time to wake up.
In the very halls of the Mecca of Excellence, we see students participating in this life-changing movement. Wigs are used in order to achieve healthy, natural hair. Many students use protective styles in order to allow their hair to grow in its natural state. The most popular protective style here at Flowers is wigs. The fun thing about wigs is that they’re all different and can be styled differently. One of the most interesting thing about wigs is how quickly it can change your entire look. Wearing a wig doesn’t always mean a student is part of the hair movement, sometimes wigs are worn just for fun. Whether you want to be a part of the movement or not, it doesn’t matter. Wigs are available for anyone and their fun so try one on!