💫What Do the CH Flowers Jags Listen to?💫


Micaelah Thomas

Everyone at CH Flowers High School listens to music, that’s a known fact! Whether it’s at homecoming, a pep rally, an assembly, or just while students walk in the hallways there is always music playing somewhere. The question is, what type of music do the Jaguars primarily listen to?
Students from each grade level were surveyed, and the following results were calculated.

Out of two hundred and forty students surveyed:
– 205/240 students listen to Trap/Rap music, as well as Go-Go music.
– 138/240 students listen to R&B music.
– Only one person out of the students surveyed listens to country music, however, no one chose classical music.
– 170/240 students listen to international music, which includes jamaican dancehall and afrobeats.
With the results gathered, we can confidently say that Flowers Jag’s song choices are quite diverse.