FIDM Interest Meeting


Nikki’s Hightower college representative from in house college

Patricia Daniel

During the In-house college visit at the Jags nation, we spoke with Nikki’s Hightower to talk a little about the Fashion institute design and so far this school is based on designs and helping students learn from their skills and taking it to the next step to be able to start their career.
The In-house college has over 27 majors and is also consider a four year college which could get you a masters degree, a bachelor degree, a associates degree all in fashion. The In-house college has scholarships you can get at the university which is located in California. They have majors you can take like shoe designs, military designs, music designs dealing with graphics.
This university is a small private college and there are four based California colleges which you can also attend in Las Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego.
If you are interested in designs for your career come out to The fashion  institute of design.