Female Restrooms

Aderonke Adelegan

Welcome to Charles Herbert Flowers High School, where the girls’ bathroom is almost never equipped with toilet paper, soap, or the stalls are not clean enough for use. When a female has to visit three bathrooms with multiple stalls on different floors and cannot find a clean or equipped bathroom to use, then there is a problem.
The lack of clean and available stalls in the school bathrooms makes one wonder if someone is not doing his/her job. There has been a noticeable decrease in a number of janitorial services here at Flowers. Is the problem due to janitors not having enough time to properly clean and restore the bathrooms or is it the students?
For instance, some stalls contain rolls of tissue paper in the toilets. This suggests that  someone is intentionally clogging the toilets. It would be safe to assume that a student is the cause of this problem because they have the most access to the bathrooms. The question is why are they doing this — Is it out of ignorance, or out of pettiness?