WHY Do College Application Fees Exist?!

Roseanne Akindo

Before taking a step into college, you might have a long list of of them you would like to apply to. It might sound easy, but you will find that when it’s time to complete the applications, there will be a fee to pay. When it comes to me filling applications out, the fee at the end turns me away from completing them because I think to myself, “Why should I have to pay a fee when there is a possibility I won’t get in?”.  Is it possible that this can change?
Fee waivers are available, but they are not available to everyone, and can be complicated.
According to top10onlinecolleges.org, the application fees exist because it costs for the college to review the application. Also, if the fees did not exist, students would send in millions of applications in the hopes of getting in and that would waste the time of whoever has to go over the applications. These college application fees do serve a purpose, but must they be so costly? Most fees range from $40-$85. Prospective students already have to worry about getting in and then paying for the actual education, applications fees are just another factor of stress.